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At the bottom of this page there is also two radio show interviews.
You can hear our comments about the authorities in Dorset being dishonest and controlled by freemasonary.






We see Underhanded Underhill, or Blunderhill as the Dorset Echo call him, after he left the window of a car belonging to Dorset Police open, causing a Sat Nav to be stolen due to his negligence. He is mouthing in the press about supporting victims, whilst at the same time allowing senior officers in Dorset Police Force to cover up, or ignore criminal misconduct allegations, that have wrecked the lives for a number of victims, that would lead to disciplinary or criminal charges.


We do not know the extent of Underhanded Underhill's sympathys with officers who have misconduct allegations levelled against them, or the officers who are his fellow masonic brethren.


What we do know is that when underhanded underhill was serving with Sussex Constabulary he was suspended from duty over misconduct allegations of having sex with a colleague whilst on duty. Immediately after this he retired from Sussex Constabulary, had a divorce with his wife, and came down to Dorset, here he now fits in with the new regime in The Dorset Police Force.





Over Paid Senior Police Officers Do Nothing About Crime


Dorset ACPO Police Officers Don't Care about giving the rate payers / tax payers a value for money Police Service. In Fact they don't even think that they are public servants that should be providing services. No wonder people in Dorset have more respect for their Dustmen, who provide good value for money service. The only value these Coppers think about is their salary renumeration, whilst juggling the statistics for the HM Inspector of Constabulary. This is not surprising when the Inspector of Constabularies Jane Stitchbury was the former Chief Constable of Dorset, who was ignoring Police Misconduct, and starting Civil Litigation, at the rate payers expense, against the patron of this TV channel, in an attempt to bury the misconduct.





David Cameron's Big Society in Dorset.


So much for David Cameron's Big Society. This video clip is a brilliant piece of investigative journalism, showing the incestuous nature of the Dorset Authorities. You can see how Dorset Officials and Elected Members have been using Tax Payers Money as their own mulch-cow. They have been milking the system into meltdown and now they are pleading poverty.











Armed Police in Dorset, can they be trusted?


We suppose as far as Dorset Policemen are concerned all black people look alike.
See their Gun-Hoe mentality towards a victim on the video clip above




Our Comments About Dorset Police




Demonstration Outside the IPCC


As a result of this Keith Vas MP has promised a review into the continued need for the IPCC.

At last, we are getting the message across, that the IPCC is not fit for purpose. Please see the documentary footage above, with regard to this.
Please see the documentary footage below as to the failings of the IPCC to control a bent police force like dorset.





The IPCC is not fit for purpose!


This video clip exposes that there is one death in police custody every week. A few years ago there was a death in Bournemouth Police Station. The inquiry was supervised by the IPCC as are most complaints against the police. The police are quite happy with this as the IPCC has no power to actually prosecute any police officers. All they can do is oversee a supposed investigation carried out by the police force that are being complained about. It is like asking Ronald Cray to investigate Reggie. All the IPCC can do is refer police misconduct or negligent shootings ect to the CPS. Unfortunately this leaves the local CPS to prosecute officers from the same local police force. Unfortunately due to the criminal justice boards that the government has set up for each county police force, this only exasperates the situation. In the case of Dorset, you have senior police officers who have a vested interest in covering up the misconduct of their officers, urinating in the same pot as senior CPS prosecutors and others in the county, all having tea and sandwiches together paid for by the government at criminal justice board meetings. Many people in the UK want the IPCC and the Criminal Justice Boards disbanded saving the tax payers money as they are not fit for purpose. To see information on the Dorset Criminal Justice Board - Click Here




The Police Kill People in Custody


This video clip exposes that there is one death in police custody every week. A few years ago there was a death in Bournemouth Police Station. The inquiry was supervised by the IPCC. The IPCC is not fit for purpose, it could do nothing to prosecute the officers who negligently shot Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazillian electrician who was held down and shot in the head with illegal dumdum bullets that are outlawed on battlefeilds by the Geneva Convention, and now the Hague Convention.


Nor could the IPCC do anything about the illegal assault of Ian Tomlinson, the newspaper salesman who later died after he was attacked by a police officer. The only reason that officer was finally charged, was due to constant media pressure and nothing to do with the IPCC.




IPCC Len Jackson Head of The-Independent Police Complaints Commission whitewashes and justifies one person a week killed in police custody in the UK


This video clip exposes the response to the fact that there is one death in police custody every week. Len Jackson and the other IPCC commissioners that have offices and support staff all over the UK should be disbanded saving the tax payers money. All they are is a buffer for complaint. With all the deaths in Police Custody not one single police officer has ever been charged. Len Jackson and his cronies are just "Jobs for the Boys and Girls" They do not want to rock the boat, they are well paid for turning a blind eye to things like the illegal shooting of Mr Demezes. He was a Brazilian electrician held down and shot in the head several times with illegal dum-dum bullets outlawed by both the Geneva Convention and the Hague Convention. Yet the IPCC turn a blind eye to the british police using them for domestic purposes.




IPCC Comissioner Deborah Glass admits the IPCC is NOT Fit for Purpose.


After admitting the failings of the IPCC in a television interview, Deborah Glass then goes on to whitewash the shooting and killing of Mark Duggan.


The damage to mr Duggan's body would suggest he was killed by an illegal Dumdum Bullet that most british police forces have been using domestically. However Deborah Glass stresses the point that a police radio was hit by a Full Metal Jacket Bullet fired by a standard issue police weapon. It would appear that Mr Duggan was killed by an un-identified policeman with an illegal bullet.


In the footage above you can see Len Jackson and Deborah Glass whitewashing what caused the Tottenham Riots.



Dorset Police could taser you for doing nothing!


In St Mary Street, Weymouth in the area of McDonalds, H Samuel's, Next etc during early hours of Sunday 1st August 2010 at approx 0200-0230 hours (2 oclock to 1/2 past 2 in the early morning) there was an incident involving a number of police officers (including the use of taser weapons and gas sprays).


Solicitors MUSTOE SHORTER, advertised in the newspapers for witnesses to come forward.


As a result the gentlemen who were illegally tasered and then fitted up with trumped up charges by Dorset Police and the CPS, finally had their convictions quashed on appeal.


All the time you have Senior CPS prosecutors like Roger Hall, supporting police officers who overstep the mark, you will have a draconian police force in Dorset - See the video below.






Superintendent Whittle Tells Porkys


This Superintendent like his predecessors, in the complaints department, would instead of properly investigating the misconduct reported to them, sooner Whittle about what the victims are publishing. In fact Whittle is the head of the Professional Standards Department (Double Standards) Like his predecessors in the old complaints department, they do not like complaints made against fellow officers who they have served with. It is like asking Ronald Cray to investigate Reggie, especially where there is a conflict of interest, it is unethical in the way they deal with the allegations. If you complain to the IPCC about the manner in which Whittle and his department have covered up or dismissed a misconduct allegation, it is given to Whittle and his department to investigate the allegation against themselves. We are not saying that sending allegations against Senior ACPO Officers, the Clerk to the Police Authority, or the Head of the Complaints Department, to an outside force will give an un biased pragmatic investigation. It would however be more ethical, and when the statute law under the old P-A-C-E act stated they had to do this, this force and the clerk to the police authority obstructed the powers granted by statute law, stating that those allegations should have gone to an outside force, but were in fact covered up.


If we ever get an outside force to investigate the hanky-pankie in the way Dorset Police Officers and Officers and Members of the Police Authority have failed to investigate misconduct allegations, we hope that Whittle will also face investigation and enditement.


The video clip above shows that Whittle will lie about the failure of Dorset Police to deal with Assault, Attempted Hit and Run and Breaches of the Public Order Act perpetrated against various neighbours in Pirates Lane, Weymouth. A Farmer named Mr Timms seems to think he can provoke his neighbours, assault them and stitch them up in civil court proceedings, because he has the influence with certain councillors aided and abetted by Dorset Police. To see details of the Stitch Up in the Civil Courts - Click Here


Below are documentary video clips showing the extent of the problem.





Dorset Police do nothing about the Assault of a 75 Year Old Man


Mr Barry Talbot was hit over the head with a fuel can following an altercation with one of his neighbours. Dorset Police are completely useless in protecting victims, they sooner move against them when they complain. See the footage above for the assault, see the footage below for the police moving against MR Talbot.




Wrongful arrest and hand-cuffing of 75 year old man.


Mr Barry Talbot had placed a Toy Surveillance Camera in his garden as a deterrent against burglars. Reputable burglar alarm companies also place dummy alarm boxes, and dummy surveillance cameras on buildings as a deterrent. Unfortunately in Dorset all the councillors, police officers, and council officers are all urinating in the same pot when it comes to moving the combined force of the Dorset Authorities against a individual victim. This is institutionalised Misconduct in the extreme. Dorset have a long history of doing this. It first came to out attention in 1995, and was a well established modus operandi at that time.


They have learnt nothing from all the complaints over the years, and dislike incumbent officers telling members of parliament that these complaints were all dealt with in the past, the way they operate is still the same. They normally mobilise the weight of the authorities usually in favour of someone connected with them, at the detriment of the victim. Mr Talbot's il treatment was because a neighbour did not tike his deterrent camera.


It is alleged that as a result of the neighbour seeking the help of a local councillor, Mr Talbot was first pursued by the council planning enforcement officers who knew very well that Mr Talbot's toy camera could not be removed by enforcement, despite their threats and harassment of him. The next harassment of this elderly man was then perpetrated by Dorset Police in an attempt to frighten Mr Talbot into taking down the camera. See the footage above.




Dorset Police Lie when issuing a fixed penalty notice - This is a common-law criminal offence falsifying documents that are a matter of public record Regina vs Sood


We do not understand how Harry Barnes the Provincial Grand Master of Dorset Freemasons is still allowed to hold public office as a JP, where he will hear evidence from police officers who he knows personally through freemasonary against members of the public in Weymouth. Some years ago this bastard should have stood himself down instead of hearing evidence from one of his known masonic bretherin, against Barry Hunt of Weymouth. Barnes has never faced criminal investigation for Judicial Misconduct or Misconduct in Public Office over this.


These bastards have persecuted Darren Hunt and other neighbours in Pirates Lane in Dorset. The head of the complaints / professional standards department, Superintendent Tim Whittle will not investigate any of the wrongdoing by dorset police officers. All he will do is cover it up or attempt to force the misconduct into civil litigation costing the Dorset Rate Payers a fortune. This is a strategy that Dorset Police had long before Tim Whittle was running Double Standards in his department. We would like to see this bastard Whittle facing Criminal Investigation for covering up the persecution of Dorset residents. We know that MP's and Senior Civil Servants in the Justice Ministry have seen this website, we are also bringing it to the attention to people in the Home Office, and have had acknowledgements from David Cameron's Office, that they have seen this TV Channel. What we cannot understand is why no outside investigation has taken place into Dorset Police Authority and Dorset Police Professional Standards Department, none of the victims have been approached to give evidence to any outside force or investigating body. The IPCC is not fit for purpose as it only supposedly oversees Dorset Police Investigating their Dishonest Selves.




Attempted Hit and Run in Dorset


The man responsible for assaulting Barry Talbot has a lot of history in provoking other neighbours. Dorset Police would do nothing about him attempting to run down and provoke Mr Hunt. He is doing this in the hope that MR Hunt will react or swear at him so that he can report MR Hunt to the authorities. Why wont Dorset Police act against this man?




Attempted Hit and Run in Dorset - Followup


This video is a follow-up continuing the story told above and presenting more facts relating to it. Why are Dorset Police Officers payed to protect the public but in fact do selective policing on who they will protect and who they will not.


If anybody else went to work and decided only to do selective jobs and not what their job specification encompasses they would be unemployed. Perhaps the job cuts that are about to hit the Dorset Police Force in these times of recession may not be a bad thing?




The Station Sergeant at Weymouth Ignores an Assault.


MR Darren Hunt of Weymouth along with a MR Andrew Gill, were hauled in to the Weymouth Civil Courts by a Local Farmer and a Firm of Dishonest Dorset Lawyers. This is in relation to a neighbours dispute that Dorset Police forced into the Civil Courts. They have a habit of doing this instead of pursuing criminal cases. In the civil case, a statement was placed in the court bundle admitting an assault on Darren Hunt. This is Prima Facie evidence that a criminal offence of common assault took place. Due to the fact that the evidence came to light in a civil court case, Dorset Police will not investigate or pursue the criminal offence of assault. Why do we need a Station Sergeant payed a salary commensurate with that position, who will not investigate an assault where the assailant has admitted this in a statement of truth in civil proceedings? Dorset Police were involved in major hanky-panky by providing police reports on child abuse that were nor relevant to the same civil action. To see a report on this case - click here.




The footage above shows a documentary video clip of how Dorset Police would do nothing about a supposed licences bailiff who took a man's car keys,
assaulted him, and damaged his video camera when he was recording the bailiff abusing a neighbour. This bailiff had no writ of Fifa giving him powers to
execute or levy on the victims neighbour, and certainly no writ of Fifa to take a third parties car keys and then proceed to menace the man who
had a right to film the bailiff's misconduct in the public interest.





This video clip shows an illegal entry of a persons home by the police.

Unfortunately there is no point complaining to the Professional Standards Department of the Police Force, as they will just cover it up.

There is no point complaining to the IPCC as this organisation is just Jobs for the Boys & Girls as a buffer for complaint.

The IPCC will allow the Professional Standards Department to cover up the misconduct of Police Officers.

That is the reason why this video channel and associated websites are justified.





This video clip exposes the Draconian Dorset Police Big Brother Watching You.




Dorset Police together with Weymouth & Portland Council Screw Up


A Dog was let out of a house by a burglar at 16:00, and by 18:00 the Council had the dog put down. We ask the question are Dorset Police any further in arresting the Burglar, or was it easier for them and the Council to Arrest the Dog?




THE CHAIRMAN OF THE POLICE AUTHORITY - MICHAEL TAYLOR - Orchard House, Leigh, Sherbourne, Dorset, DT9 6HL.





Dorset MP Annette Brooke & Nick King (or is it Queen?)


We will be exposing politicians who are serving on committees responsible for the integrity of our police forces, when they are in fact ignoring police misconduct. these people are being payed renumeration for supposedly being on the committees that are in charge and controlling these officers. They all have their snouts heavily in the tax payers trough (The S.H.I.T Party).




Avon & Somerset Police Pull Over a DVSO Supporter


Nowadays more people are aware of their rights and civil liberties, however the police are not. If they had been properly trained not to abuse peoples civil liberties, then why do they behave the way they do? Is it because the subliminal truth is that we are all living in a Police State? The only problem is the public do not realise it.



Click here to see our YouTube Channel showing the wider picture of Misconduct.



We have been invited to speak on a local Bristol Radio Show


We have done this twice now. You can listen to our comments with regard to the Dorset Authorities being dishonest and controlled by freemasonary.



BCFM 2011 Radio Show - 07th January 2011



BCFM 2010 Radio Show - OUR COMMENTS



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